Artificial intelligence for banking sector

  • Using various data sources, including social media activity and online behavior;
  • Forecasting expected losses.
Customer creditworthiness assessment and risk analysis
  • A robot-lawyer for preparing documents for submission to state authorities;
  • Chat-bots for interacting with clients around the clock.
  • Financial model of the product in terms of tariffs and rates;
  • Competitor analysis for optimal tariffing.
Improved customer service
Dynamic pricing
Predicting the best time to send a CRM offer
AI-based solutions are used by most of the top-50 banks in Russia
Universal stages of working with projects in the banking sector
How do we work?
  • Marketing effectiveness analysis and budget optimization;
  • Determination of product mentions (by customer and operator) in chatbot and call center;
  • and other stages.
  • Anti-fraud models and graph analysis of transactions;
  • Document recognition, recognition of defects on documents (highlights, fingers, cut edges);
  • and other services.
  1. Informing and analyzing interactions with the bank's customer
3. Client decision on services and underwriting
2. Discussing the work plan with the client and clarifying details
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  • Summarization of banking terms and conditions for customers;
  • Analyzing the process of product activation and conversions;
  • etc.
  • Antifraud models and transaction graph analysis;
  • Balance sheet and liquidity management;
  • and other services.
  • Default models, credit scoring;
  • Cross-selling of insurance products;
  • etc.
  • Process mining - search for bottlenecks in processes;
  • Analyzing customer feedback and forming summarizing suggestions for process improvement;
  • etc.
4. Onboarding
5. Use of services in general
10. Near-banking products
7. Extension of product validity
6. Marketing campaigns
8. Returning customers
9. Transition, refinancing, and debt collection
11. Non-banking products and organizational issues
Realized projects that solve our customers' problems
Our cases
Creating a program that recognizes specified types of documents (passport, driver's license, STS, etc.).
Automatic document recognition
We've compiled a summary of our case studies into one presentation where you can learn more about the application of AI in this industry.
Our cases in the banking sector
Scheme of cooperation
1. Discuss the idea and possibilities
2. Draw up a work plan, approve next steps
3. Mainstreaming and harmonization of results
4. Introduction of new product and monitoring of product performance
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