Development of neural networks for text processing

Individual customization of chatbot according to the theme and needs
Intelligent search, question-and-answer expert systems.
Content generation, help with syntax, quality translation
Writing documents, business strategies, creating newsletters, etc.
Writing text for generating pictures
Chatbots for request processing
Document systematization
Help with text and content creation
Business applications
Request for other neural networks
Chatbots for processing requests
Natural language processing allows you to use natural language texts or spoken utterances to query data
Natural language processing (NLP)
Automating routine tasks
Improved search on any database
Analyzing and organizing a large volume of documents
Social media analysis and content moderation
Realized projects that solve our customers' problems
Our cases
Create an algorithm that generates articles on a given topic
Article generator for SEO-optimization
Presentation with our text processing cases
Scheme of cooperation
1. Discuss the idea and possibilities
2. Draw up a work plan, approve next steps
3. Mainstreaming and harmonization of results
4. Introduction of new product and monitoring of product performance
Contact us
Email us for cooperation or if you have any questions.