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About progect

About project
A task
The user needs to find the names of actors and films with their participation by photo.
The appearance of a function allows the user to find the names of actors in the photo. Now the user can find movies with these actors.
Bisiness effect
Now the user can find films with the participation of actors who are shown in the photos. Users spend more time on the site. Advertising revenue has increased.
Customer Journey Map
How does the service work?
service work
Search results
Data conversion
Face-recognition and analysis
Search with E-lasticsearch. E-lasticsearch is the base data with built-in algorithm HNSW from the ANN family, thanks to which, there is a quick search.
Facial analysis is converted into a digital code.
A process that includes detection, alignment and vectorization faces using the DeepFace library.
The results: the name of the desired actor and films with him
Uploading a photo with an actor to the site
A framework for creating web applications, thanks to which the logic of interaction with a neural network via the Internet is configured.
Converts requests received from Nginx into a format that the web application can process, and also runs code when necessary.
A resource for demonstrating the visual component after training a neural network. Thanks to Streamlit, the customer can test the neural network before launching the service. So the product can be improved if there are bad results.
Thanks to this function, the model learns to separate figures in such a way as to find the right person among similar ones.
Docker is a tool that has all the necessary libraries and programs for the operation of the neural network. Thanks to him, the neural network can be easily and easily launched on any computer.
Downloads and launches the necessary services from the Internet. It can process them very quickly and is usually configured to start only those services that the web application really needs.
Elasticsearch is a database with a built-in ANN algorithm not found in other databases.

ANN (Approximate Nearest Neighbor) is an algorithm that quickly and efficiently finds a huge number of examples.
Project team

Project Management / Machine learning

Frank Sh.
Machine learning / Data analysis and technology
Dmitry I.
Areas of use

This technology can be used to recognize fraudsters who are trying to impersonate another person using fake documents. Use if the company has a database with photos and information about its customers.
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