An internship from MindSet company will help you make a career start and learn a lot of new things!
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During the internship you will receive
Real experience
For students, undergraduates and graduates. Only real cases and practice
During the school year or during the summer holidays. You can work remotely for 20 hours a week all year round. The amount is a multiple of working hours
Convenient schedule
Payment every two weeks
Decent remuneration, new experience and training
Internship directions

You will create the layer thanks to which frontend works, user data is stored and not only!
You have to give the user the opportunity to interact with new products!
You will work on the appearance of new products and improve the appearance of old ones!
Models, networks, training - it's all about Data Science and Machine Learning!
ML/DS and Analytics
What will you learn
An internship is not only a job, but also training
Our products help hundreds of people all over the world
We create
All our conclusions are based on a lot of surveys and the experience of our developers
We are exploring
Every day we discover new things in the areas in which we work
We are studying
How is the internship going?
An internship is not only a job, but also training
An internship is a full-time job that lasts from three to six months. During this time, trainees in a variety of areas from backend to analytics learn to solve combat tasks and grow under the guidance of experienced mentors. During the internship, not only knowledge and experience are important, but also communication with colleagues, the atmosphere and the feeling that you are working in a team.
How to become a member
The program starts 3 times a year: in autumn, spring and summer and lasts from three to six months
Submit an online application
Apply for participation, fill out the questionnaire and take an online test. Then, at the interview, you will be asked according to your competencies, level of knowledge and the position you are applying for.
Complete an online interview
You will get acquainted with the curator, colleagues and all processes in the company. Learn about the project and your role in it. Next, we will start working on the project in a team. To do this, you need from 20 hours a week. The curator will help with any difficulties and questions
We will invite the best to the program
Internship Reviews
ML developer
During the internship, I learned how to search and structure theoretical knowledge and present it to other people. It helped me develop the skills of building ML algorithms and integrating them into the project, gave me the opportunity to work in a team. As a result, I gained practical experience, which is so important for employment.
Frontend developer
Thanks to the internship, I was able to gain experience working in a team on a real project. I gained experience, got acquainted with a new stack of technologies and learned to soberly assess my own strength. Thus, I got everything I need to successfully build a career in IT.
ML developer
The internship gave me the opportunity to test myself on real tasks, and to identify and eliminate existing gaps in knowledge. Mentoring experienced colleagues helped to set the most optimal course in training, which optimally corresponded to the achievement of my goals. Of course, the experience gained reflected in my resume has made it more attractive, and now I will be interviewing with more confidence.
Backend developer
Before the internship, I studied everything on my own, but thanks to it, I learned how to properly structure knowledge, prioritize work and got the initial "combat" experience. In addition, the internship helped to overcome the fear of the public, which is a big plus for many beginners.