Insurance case audit

About project

Business effect
The company has formed an insurance portfolio. It was necessary to analyze the balance of sales, frequency, average loss, unprofitability, level of prolongation, etc. Also offer options to improve loss-making.
Found a series of segments that created a high loss in the portfolio. Both positives and problem areas were identified.
About project
Tabular data sources were used to develop the analytical application. One of the main difficulties was to build a data structure and a cube, taking into account the peculiarities of the portfolio and ways of storing data.
Stages of work:
1. Uploading Data Systems
2. Building a showcase
3. Building an Analytical Repository
4. Analysis
5. Preparation of report and recommendations
Project team
Frank Sh.
Dmitry B.
Areas of use
- loss-making;
- price balance;
- prolongation;
- LTV (revenue per customer);
- cross-sales;
- fraud, etc.
The case allows you to conduct a multifactorial analysis of the insurance portfolio:
- predominance of any segments;
- sales dynamics;
- additional agreement;
- frequency and average amount of losses;
- loss development process;
Areas of use
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