Creating animation using artificial intelligence

Project Objective

The customer needs to create a cartoon clip based on video materials. It is necessary to find ways to speed up and facilitate the process of creating a whole cartoon that will reflect the author's styles of Silver Age artists.

Areas of use

The process of creating animation is costly, as a whole team of professionals works on each second of the product. The use of technology will significantly speed up and reduce the cost of animation, and thus make the creation of animation and cartoons more affordable.

Value of the idea

Need to create an ai solution to automate the steps of creating animation for a feature film based on:
  • video material (actors in black, filmed on a white background);
  • script;
  • storyboard;
  • photographic material.
Animation is supposed to be with conditional movement (not realistic), the main emphasis - on relevant stylistics (artists of the Silver Age) and portrait resemblance to the characters of the movie itself.
Different approaches are tested in the process and there are difficulties in each one: inconsistent shots, artifacts, floating backgrounds, poor face processing, poor stylization, etc.

Interim results of work

At the time of working with the project, information on existing approaches has been collected. All potentially useful methods were tested, their advantages and disadvantages were highlighted, and possible combinations of approaches were identified.

During this period, neural networks are actively developing and new methods appear regularly, so the team continues to monitor news in this area.
Selected tactics to create animation for September 2023.

Project team

Frank Sh.
Project team
Victor Sh.
Cheslava S.
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