Recognizing and preventing fraud in insurance

We have created a service that effectively detects and predicts fraud at the contracting stage. The product analyzes and compares a number of parameters: data on the insured, cargo type, history of transactions, etc.

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In-depth analysis
Sets of parameters are combined into schemes. If the request fits a certain scheme - the system automatically marks the transaction as a potential fraud.
Data systematization
The collected data can be used by all market participants - insurance companies or carriers
Detecting fraud before damage occurs
Users of the service can choose how the service behaves when a suspicious operation is detected.
In 2022, the service detected suspicious transactions amounting to 27 times more than what was detected by the insurance companies' own security service
Implemented service significantly reduces fraud efforts as well as wasted time and losses. Successful anti-fraud efforts help generate fairer prices for consumers.

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Irek K.
Nikolai D.
Alexander Sh.
Frank Sh.
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