Bicycles parts detection, segmentation and classification

About project

A neural network has been developed that extracts various parts of the bicycle (steering wheel seat frame, etc.). Different parts are well customized.
Bissines effect
A task
Bicycles can be combined from different parts, so the custom bike algorithm for the client works.
It is necessary to develop a retail tool that allows the client to customize the bike for ordering.
About project
The main difficulty of the work was that the customer was at a distance - in the United States. Communication was maintained through video communication.
Professional markers were involved to improve the quality of markings
Photographs of various types of bicycles (classic, mountain, electro, etc.) were used.
External Data Collection
Marking CVAT
Neural Network Training
Implementation and monitoring of neural network operation
Development of Telegram bot
Project team
Dmitry I.
Frank Sh.
Areas of use
The project is useful for retailers who need to divide various complex goods into parts.
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