Construction Process Monitoring
The tool for recognizing the flow of data from video cameras in order to provide operational information during the construction of facilities and to comply with safety requirements is based on the principles of artificial intelligence. Smart monitoring is intended for the company's managers, and in the future it is planned to expand the functionality and introduce the service into customer service.
Smart monitoring
About project
Smart monitoring is a system for analyzing images from cameras and a video stream for monitoring construction (the number of floors of different types, protective fences). The process is automated, reporting can be monitored in your personal account and using notifications in telegram.
When entering your personal account, the user sees a daily report.
The tool is able to determine
  • Completion of monolithic works
  • Masonry Completion
  • Glazing Completion
  • Identify deviations from plans
  • The fact of the presence of protective fences
  • The fact that there is a protective mesh
Recognition accuracy
90 %
The user can choose to easily display the data using filters.
The project made it possible to receive instant feedback from any construction site regarding the progress of work and compliance with safety rules. At the moment, a direction is being developed to control the timing and quality of work on interior decoration of apartments and entrances, and it is also possible to introduce a service in working with customers.
Areas of use
The case is relevant for any companies that have video cameras. Due to prompt monitoring and control, the timing of the sale of goods and services is significantly accelerated.
Project Team

Nicolai D.
Kristina B.
Cheslava S.
Alexander H.
Dmitry I.
Frank S.
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