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It was necessary to make a plugin for the browser, which determines the quality of content on the site. When assessing quality, a number of parameters were taken into account, for example, the source of information. The service should distinguish source links to respected publications with a reputation as a reliable source from the yellow press and other dubious links. The average amount of time spent by users on the site, literacy, uniqueness and relevance of the text were also taken into account.
The service was implemented for English language sources. The result of the plugin was displayed on the user's screen as a rating. The most qualitative content is 5 stars. The product steps are as follows:
Content diversity includes many variables, some of which cannot be contained in a mathematical formula. You cannot teach the algorithm to determine the reliability of the facts in the article, the level of expertise and authority of the author of the content, the quality of editing and usefulness.
Also, the quality of the content is the satisfaction of the needs of the visitor: the need for information, entertainment or communication. Accordingly, any materials can bring an unequal amount of benefit depending on the situation.
The plugin solves the problem based on the aspects that the creators laid there. And according to the parameters necessary for the customer, the quality of the content is determined.
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Implementation and monitoring of neural network operation
Areas of use of the service
The plugin can be useful for people who track the quality of information consumed, as well as for various authors to assess the quality of their content.
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Dmitry I.
Frank S.
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