Monitoring of interior finishing construction

About project

Business effect
The project made it possible to receive instant feedback from facilities, simplify and speed up the process of monitoring construction.
Creating a tool for recognizing the flow of video data, which is based on the principles of artificial intelligence. The results of the tool are systematic information about the readiness of the floor, ceiling, doorways, kitchen set, etc. The information is updated automatically and presented in the form of convenient tables.
A task
It is necessary to automate the monitoring of the construction process, namely, interior finishing work.
The tool is intended for company managers, and in the future it is planned to expand the functionality and introduce the service into customer service.
Stages of work:
1. Data collection
2. Data Markup
3. Neural Network Training
4. Creating an Interface and Implementing a Product
5. Development of an inspection mobile application
Project team
Frank Sh.
Cheslava S.
Dmitry I.
Christine B.
Alexander Kh.
Nikolay D.
Areas of use
This solution is useful for companies that need automated analysis of a large amount of photo and video material.
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