Graph analytics for financial company

What is graph analysis?

Graph analysis is a set of methods that aim to explore the relationships between entities. Thus, the structure of the graph is investigated and non-obvious dependencies are revealed. Graph algorithms allow useful information to be extracted from graphs.
Graph analysis
About project
Business effect
In many businesses, there are various fraudulent groups that receive insurance payments by acting deliberately. These groups often have an organization, which is displayed in graph data structures. It is necessary to identify various graph structures that are further subject to additional investigation.
Algorithms and infrastructure are set up and the project gives results. In large companies, due to the accumulated historical data, the analysis method has a significant effect.
The main difficulty was cleaning up the data, and in addition, graph structures are often difficult to interpret.
Stages of work:
  1. Setting Up Infrastructure
  2. Building show-windows
  3. Configuring the algorithm
  4. Generate results in the form of reports and presentations
development tool
Project team
Alexander S.
Irek K.
Areas of use
The case is useful for everyone who has tabular data that can be presented in the form of nodes - mainly insurance companies and financial institutions.
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