Insurance company scoring

About project

Bisiness effect
The expected tariffs for clients and the forecast of unprofitable cases at the beginning of work are calculated. The company became more productive in the insurance market: sales increased by 10%.
About project
Building models to predict each case
A task
Models need to be built to predict customer losses, the size of the loss, and the likelihood of buying and renewing a policy.

Stages of development
Development of a pilot model

Productivity increase
Model Implementation

Data analysis
Model monitoring
Work process
A set of libraries for building GLM H2O models

The generalized linear model (GLiM or GLM) is an advanced statistical modeling technique. Used in all applications of applied statistics.

Libraries for building, boosting models

Lightgbm, CatBoost, XGBoost
An auto ML library to build and implement models in a fast way
Project team
Frank Sh.
Team lead
Alexander S.
Alexander Kh.
Areas of use
This technology is needed by insurance companies. In order to calculate the losses, the amount of losses, the probability of buying a policy, the probability of extending the contract.
These models will help to calculate tariffs for the client and be more competitive in the insurance market.

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