Leaders of Digital Transformation 2023. Participation in the Moscow Mayor's Contest

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A team of Mindset interns proposed their version of a software system for finding violations in the field of waste disposal.
Factors of negative impact of waste on the environment include violations at landfills, adjacent territories and unauthorized landfills. To date, such violations are determined manually, which indicates the need to develop a system that will allow to do this automatically.
Development of an automatic system in this area will help to reduce violations, and thus reduce the impact of the negative impact of waste on the environment.
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The company's team of interns participated in the largest hackathon of the year and won second place in their chosen category.
In June 2023, the anniversary hackathon Leaders of Digital Transformation was held. To participate, it was necessary to develop a digital solution to one of the challenges presented by the city and big business.
Project team
Frank Sh.
CV Engineer
Evgeny М.
CV Engineer
Victor Sh.
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