Removal of logos from images

Project task

It was required to create the software solution (model) for removal of logos from images taking into account the user rules.
How does it work?
3. Готово! Изображение можно скачивать
1. Пользователь загружает изображение
The user selects the watermark by means of a brush, or chooses the automatic allocation
Illustration of the service operation
2. Пользователь выделяет водяной знак с помощью кисти, либо выбирает автоматическое выделение
Done! The image can be downloaded.
The user loads the image
Work stages
  1. Research on possible approaches to the decision (end-to-end, various conveyors);
  2. Development of the decision in the form of the Jupyter-laptop;
  3. The translation of the decision in a set of Python-scripts;
  4. Wrapping in Docker;
  5. Completion according to remarks of the customer.
Project team
Victor Sh.
Areas of use
The technology can act as an independent or auxiliary service for removal of undesirable objects on photos (logos, watermark)
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