Outsourcing and outstaffing of IT specialists

We allocate a team or specialist individually for each of our projects. We also train specialists at your request.

Technology stack

Python, SQL
Data Analytics
Python, SQL, Data Science
Python, ОС Windows/Linux, Automation software (Docker)
Web design
Adobe Products, Figma, Tilda
JavaScript, CSS, React, HTML
Data Science
Python, SQL, Git, Machine Learning

Our projects and teams of specialists

Graph analysis for financial companies
In many businesses, various fraudulent groups deliberately stage events to obtain insurance payments. These groups typically exhibit organizational structures, which are reflected in graph data.
The project has identified different graph structures for further investigation.
Python, Networkx, Graphsage, Graph Neural Networks (GNN)
Alexander Shch.
Lead Analyst
Frank Sh.
Team Leader
Project team
Project management, analytics
Python, SQL

Construction process monitoring

The tool recognizes video data streams and organizes the results into systematic information regarding the readiness of the floor, ceiling, doorways, kitchen units, etc. This information is automatically updated and presented in convenient table formats.
Project team
Nikolay D.
Backend developer
Python, Flask, Django, SQL, Docker
Frank Sh.
Team Leader
Project management, analytics
Alexander H.
Python engineer
Python, SQL, Django Jinja2, Business Analytics
Christina B.
Frontend developer
HTML, CSS, JS, React, Docker, Python
Cheslava S.
Interface designer
Figma, Tilda, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Photo and video content analysis system
A system has been developed for the automatic classification of incoming photo and video content, facilitating the subsequent sorting of materials. This system is employed for a facial recognition service.
Dmitry I.
Data Scientist
Frank Sh.
Team Leader
Project team
Project management, analytics
Python , CV, NLP, Docker, Git

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