Parsing prices of building materials
About progect

Received database with prices. It is used to obtain current and historical data, price dynamics, to build a forecast of price changes.


Implementation of a functionality that allows you to track prices for building materials

A task

It is necessary to collect data on the prices of building materials in hardware stores over a period of time.

PostgreSQL is a popular database management system. PostgreSQL is based on the SQL language and supports many features.
These are libraries for developing, planning and monitoring workflows. Python code is used for development.
Python is the fastest growing programming language in the last few years. With the help of frameworks, libraries and extensions, you can implement price parsing.

A platform for developing, delivering and running containerized applications. Docker is a tool that contains the libraries and programs needed to run and execute functions.
These technologies have been used to develop this product. Аre agreed the plan and form of data storage. Price data was taken from several sites and an individual parser was developed for each site. For convenient display of data, all parsers are combined into one interface.

Project team
Alexander H.


Nikolai D.

Areas of use of the service
This technology is used to collect information from the Internet in automatic mode. This will be useful for companies that need to track prices, product and service features.

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