Picpack - Image Tool

Picpack is a web interface with the ability to remove the background of images and automatically describe images. At the moment, the project is fully implemented, and there are also new ideas for the development of the service. Hundreds of users visit the Picpack.io every day.

How it works?

The background of the image has been deleted, you can download!
User uploads image
Illustration of the service operation
2. Фон изображения удалился, можно скачивать!
1. Пользователь загружает изображение
Illustration of the service operation
Illustration of the service operation


PostgreSQL is a popular free object relational database management system. PostgreSQL is based on the SQL language and supports numerous features.
Accepts all requests from the Internet. It can process them very quickly and is configured to skip only those requests that really should arrive in the web application.
Python is the fastest growing programming language in the last few years. With the help of frameworks, libraries and extensions, it is possible to implement a large programming interface.
Нейронные сети для удаления фона
Mathematical model, and its software embodiment. During training, the neural network is able to detect complex dependencies between input data and output, as well as perform generalization.
All the above technologies were used to develop the service. A plan and prototype were agreed. The work consisted of creating web pages, a backend, creating a database and testing. At the moment, there are new ideas for the development of the service, they are at the stage of discussion and implementation.
  • Ilya K.
  • Nikolay D.
  • Dmitry I.
  • Christina B.
  • Alexandra M.
  • Alexey S.
  • Cheslava S.
  • Yuri F.
  • Danila K.
  • Frank S.
  • Alexander K.
  • Dmitry B.
  • Alexey P.
  • Victoria B.
  • Ivan F.
  • Vitaliy K.
Project team
В процессе реализации участвовало более 10 человек. Помимо опытных разработчиков, над проектом работали стажёры из разных стран. В пределах стажировки компании Mindset, реализуется работа по разным направлениям: дизайн, бэкенд, фронтенд, машинное обучение.
Areas of use
The case can be relevant to those who benefit from the services of the image background removal service: in the field of design, as well as to those who often work with documents or collages. The service is also useful in both retail and online commerce.
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