Price forecast of building materials

About progect

The model is constantly running. The main effect was achieved during a period of price volatility and made it possible to make a number of decisions on the purchase of building materials in advance.


Part of the positions of building materials make up a significant part of the cost. The key factors influencing price spikes are identified, many of which are macroeconomic. Based on these data, a model is built.

A task

The company needs to conduct a comprehensive time series analysis of the cost of building materials.

Stages of development
Technology and innovation

For time series forecasting, the Greykite library from LinkedIn was used. Also in support was tested by ETNA from Tinkoff. The Airflow library set was used to plan and monitor workflows
Model monitoring
Model Implementation
Model building
Data parsing
Finding external data
Project team


Alexander S.


Michael V.

Areas of use of the service

This technology can be used by construction companies when deciding on the purchase of building materials for the future. The model works on an ongoing basis and reports are sent regularly: this is especially useful during periods of price volatility.

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