Telegram bot

About project
Development of a telegram bot that allows the functionality of the service: deleting the background of the image and receiving an image description.
A task
Increase the usability of the service and increase the reach of users through the development of a telegram bot.
The telegram bot functions and holds a large load. The service Picpack has become more convenient to use, especially from mobile devices.
What can a bot do?

Telegram bot provides the following features:

  • Language selection
  • Selecting a Function and Settings
  • Opportunity to leave feedback about the work of the bot

If necessary, the functionality of the bot can be expanded.
Project team


Alexey P.


Alexander H.


Ilya K.

Areas of use
The technology is used in various fields. The Telegram bot allows you to perform various actions through the messenger. Routine automation and ease of use make this service useful for customer service staff, marketers, and business-process professionals.
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