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Mindset has created an author's course to teach students about "ML in Insurance."
This course was launched on a training platform and more than 200 students and interns took it. The course contributed to the development of the use of models in insurance. Recorded lectures are on our YouTube channel.
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ML in insurance -
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ML in insurance.

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ML in insurance.
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About the Course Topic
The use of ML in the field of insurance allows you to calculate tariffs for customers and predict the unprofitability of the portfolio at the stage of concluding a contract. A company that keeps up with the times will become more competitive in the insurance market.
The course covered areas of innovation use, development stages and required technologies.
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Areas of use
The use of ML is useful for insurance and financial companies to calculate different probabilities. The training course contributes to the development of the use of such technologies, as well as increases the competence of training specialists.
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