Image to prompt

Image in Prompt is a revolutionary tool that combines visual inspiration and art created by artificial intelligence. Using the power of artificial intelligence, it transforms any image into a rich text landscape, allowing you to use a unique vision as a starting point for artificial intelligence-based art generators such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

How it works?

1. Пользователь загружает изображение
Open the extension on any web page.
Select the promt language, upload the image and get the finished result!
2. Фон изображения удалился, можно скачивать!
A group of neural networks capable of generating text, analyzing databases, and answering user questions.
Claude 3
A programming language that is used to write extension scripts. It helps in interactivity and dynamic interaction with the DOM of the web page, as well as message processing between the components of the extension
A browser-specific set of APIs that allows extensions to interact with browser components and web pages.
PostgreSQL is a popular free object—relational database management system. PostgreSQL is based on the SQL language and supports numerous features.
Chrome Extensions API
All the technologies described above were used to develop the service. A plan and the creation of a prototype were agreed upon. The work consisted of creating an extension interface, back-end, database creation and testing. At the moment, there are new ideas for the development of the service, they are under discussion and implementation.
Project team
Frank S.
Svetlana Х.
Alexander Х.
Maxim B.
Product Manager
Evgeniy К.
Areas of use
The case may be relevant to those who benefit from the services of the image background removal service: in the field of design, as well as those who often work with documents or collages. The service is also useful in both retail and online commerce.
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