Text Summarizer

Why spend hours reading when you can grasp the basics in minutes? A short retelling of the Text uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to compress the text, turning voluminous pages into digestible passages. Whether for academic research, professional documentation, or simple reading, this tool ensures that you stay one step ahead with minimal effort.

How it works?

1. Пользователь загружает изображение
Go to any web page that contains the article you want to summarize.
Click on the "Get summary" ("Summarize this page") button provided by the extension and summarize it.
2. Фон изображения удалился, можно скачивать!
The extension will analyze the text available on the page.
A mathematical model and its software implementation. During the learning process, the neural network is able to identify complex dependencies between input and output data, as well as perform generalization.
Neural networks for text summarization
A programming language that is used to write extension scripts. It helps in interactivity and dynamic interaction with the DOM of the web page, as well as message processing between the components of the extension
A browser-specific set of APIs that allows extensions to interact with browser components and web pages.
PostgreSQL is a popular free object—relational database management system. PostgreSQL is based on the SQL language and supports numerous features.
Chrome Extensions API
All the technologies described above were used to develop the service. A plan and the creation of a prototype were agreed upon. The work consisted of creating an extension interface, back-end, database creation and testing. At the moment, there are new ideas for the development of the service, they are under discussion and implementation.
Project team
Frank S.
Svetlana Х.
Alexander Х.
Maxim B.
Product Manager
Evgeniy К.
Areas of use
Summarizing the information text becomes an easy task, making the training sessions more productive and effective. Get highlights from complex material easily, contributing to research and learning.
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