Collection of video footage to record violations at construction sites

About project

It was necessary to set up a system to collect a large amount of video footage to record safety violations at construction sites

About Project

A simple mobile application was developed for the client to collect data for monitoring the construction process and video recording of violations. Violations are easier to detect in time, eliminate them efficiently, and it also allows setting up automatic assignment of fines to responsible employees in the future.

Smart monitoring

The video collection system was designed to monitor the readiness and safety of construction works in places where it is impossible to install video cameras. The material obtained by both methods is further analyzed by the Smart monitoring system.
Smart Monitoring is a system for analyzing images and video stream for construction monitoring. The process is automated, reporting can be tracked in a personal account and via telegram alerts.

Application user path

1. The user opens the mobile application.
2. They scan the QR code located at the construction site or select the address from a list.
3. The user records a video that captures the violations, while also verbally stating the contractor and describing the violation.
4. Finally, they send the video footage and, optionally, provide additional commentary.

Areas of use

This case study will be of interest to companies that need automated analysis of a large amount of photo and video material.

Project team

Frank Sh.
Cheslava S.
Dmitry I.
Vitaliy K.
Alexander Kh.
Nikolay D.
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