Collection of video materials to monitor the construction process

About project

It was necessary to set up a system for collecting a large number of video materials for subsequent monitoring of the construction process.

A simple mobile application for collecting data has been developed, and a system for reading QR codes has been added, which simplifies the process of collecting material.
Smart monitoring
The video collection system was designed to monitor the readiness and safety of construction work in places where video cameras cannot be installed. The material obtained by both methods is further analyzed by the Smart monitoring system.

The Smart monitoring system is an image analysis and video stream system for building monitoring. The process is automated, reporting can be monitored in your personal account and using notifications in telegrams.
Data Collection App User flow
4. Sends a video and, if desired, a comment
1. The user opens mobile app
2. Scans the QR-code that is on the construction site, or selects the address of the object from the list
3. Shoots a video showing the state of the interior decoration of the house
Project team
Frank Sh.
Cheslava S.
Dmitry I.
Vitaliy K.
Alexander Kh.
Nikolay D.
Areas of use
This solution is useful for companies that need automated analysis of a large amount of photo and video material.
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