Oil and gas
Monitoring and automation of processes, NLP tasks, forecasting of various phenomena.
Detector, segmentator and set of rules for determining damage
A model for searching for structural damage on an small volume of images
Segmentation of objects for drone photos
used open data with segmentation annotation from drone, build segmentation model to find different classes: people, bicycles (22 classes)
Different NLP tasks for Oil and Gas company
  • build a big inner email communication graph
  • did different tasks for email texts (topic modelling, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis)
  • extract non-formal groups in a company based on topics and entities
Data science YouTube channel
More than 50 research videos (data science, frontend, backend, product management)
Training course for students and interns of the company
  • developed and launched the educational course “Machine Learning in Business”
  • trained over 150 students