Monitoring and automation of processes, NLP tasks, forecasting of various phenomena.
Face search by photo
Content search by actor photos, search by tags.
Telegram bot
Improving the usability of the service and increasing the reach of users through the development of a telegram bot.
Bicycles parts detection, segmentation and classification
Detection, segmentation and classification using training to identify bicycle parts.
Images annotation for CV project
Bounding boxes annotation, segmentation annotation, and classification annotation
Content video and photo AI system
  • deep learning classifier for videos
  • face search service with elastic search
  • tagging for images ilmplementation of web service for site
Content Quality Definition
A browser plugin that determines the quality of content on the site.
Web scraping
  • extracting data from different sources (articles, prices, content)
  • automation of scraping and parsing process (airflow, cron)
  • ETL process development and data storage
Time series prediction for commodities
  • build models for metal prices (PyTorch forecasting, prophet, XGBoost, LSTM, greykite)
  • make buy and sell recommendations for management
Optimization for retail industry
  • we have solved several optimization tasks for the retail industry (find a minimum cart with constraints for suppliers and buyers)
  • it reduces the cost of buying for small companies
Article generator for SEO optimization
  • Build the algorithm to generate articles from different domains
  • Create web service with API
NLP web articles classification problems
  • we have built a URL articles parser with an automation process (airflow, cron)
  • did different tasks for articles text (topic modelling, named entity recording, sentiment analysis, spam classifier, mistakes, summarization)
  • build meta-model for text classification
One API for all image tasks, such as image description, background removal, tagging, and more
Data science YouTube channel
More than 50 research videos (data science, frontend, backend, product management)
Training course for students and interns of the company
  • developed and launched the educational course “Machine Learning in Business”
  • trained over 150 students